Public administration is an interesting field, filled with a number of opportunities and challenges. Among those challenges is making urban policy. The way we live in our cities, how they are planned, and how the people are taken care of are all things that go along with a job in public administration. If you are interested in urban policy, and learning more about what goes into it, here are 50 bloggers that can provide insight, and help you create urban planning success:

News and Commentary

These urban policy bloggers keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of urban planning, and the policies that are used to govern our cities. Get news and commentary on urban policy, staying in the loop on the latest happenings.

  1. The White House Blog: Urban Policy: The bloggers at the White House post information and news related to urban policy. Get urban policy information from the people that make it.
  2. Building Neighborhoods: Patrick Lester offers information and headlines related to urban policy.
  3. Urban Food Policy: Nevin Cohen shares ideas and news related to food policy in urban areas.
  4. Goodspeed Update: Blogger Rob Goodspeed looks at issues associated with urban policy from this Ph.D. student at MIT.
  5. Dr. Pop: Devoted to breaking things down so that they are easy to understand, this blog includes some great bloggers who can help you understand urban policy issues through story telling.
  6. Urban Review STL: Steve Patterson shares thoughts and information on urban policy and planning in St. Louis. Interesting insights that can apply beyond his city.
  7. Congress for the New Urbanism: Get news and headlines from the bloggers at the Congress for the New Urbanism. Commentary as well.
  8. City Comforts, the blog: Writer and blogger David Sucher shares commentary and insight related to urban policy and design.
  9. The Urbanophile: City lover Aaron Renn writes about urban policy and issues.
  10. Center for Urban Policy and the Environment: The folks at Indiana University keep you up to date about the latest news related to urban policy.
  11. DMI Blog: Public policy, including urban policy, from a variety of bloggers.
  12. UPPSA: This blog features bloggers from the Urban Planning & Policy Student Association. Offers insight into policy on urban planning.

Urban Planning

Learn more about architecture, urban design, and how services are distributed. Interesting insights on urban planning, and what goes into building and managing our cities.

  1. Urban Planning Blog: The blogger Pratik Mhatre looks at issues related to urban planning and design.
  2. Scaledown: An interesting look at urban planning and revitalization from a variety of bloggers.
  3. Christopher Leo: A look at urban planning from an adjunct professor of City Planning. Includes a look at planning and growth issues.
  4. The Commercial District Advisor: Larisa Ortiz offers insights on urban planning and economic development. Also includes an interesting look at revitalization.
  5. Architecture Blog: Design and urban planning from blogger Mahmoud El-Nahas. An interesting look at urban planning from an architect’s perspective.
  6. Sprawled Out: An interesting look at suburban planning and community from blogger John Michlig.
  7. The Global Urbanist: Blogger Kerwin Datu offers a look at urban planning with a global perspective.
  8. Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space: Richard Layman shares insights on community form and urban planning, and looks at the issues related to policy.
  9. Planetizen: Bloggers on this network look at urban planning and design.
  10. New Urbanism: Keven Klinkenberg blogs about urban planning and policy, as well as interesting design for the urban landscape.
  11. Urban Planning Research: Interesting essays, news and more on urban policy and planning.
  12. Landscape + Urbanism: Jason King, a landscape architect, looks at the urban landscape and considers issues of design and planning.
  13. Archinect: A look at urban planning and design news and headlines, as well as at policy, from bloggers interested in the subject.
  14. Whistling Past the Graveyard: This is an interesting look at urban planning as it relates to graveyards. Blogger Deb Woodell shares news and examines issues.


How we get from place to another in an urban environment is a big part of urban policy and planning. These bloggers provide a look at transportation and urban policy.

  1. Streetsblog: These bloggers look at what is happening in transportation and urban policy.
  2. FastLane: If you are interested in transportation and urban policy right from the source, you can read the blog of Ray LaHood, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  3. Transportation Experts: Bloggers at the National Journal offer great insights into transportation policy.
  4. Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT) Blog: These bloggers look at issues facing young transportation planners, and policy issues related to urban planning.
  5. Streetwise: Transportation planning from bloggers that understand urban policy.
  6. CittaStadt: A Transportation Policy Blog: An interesting look at a blogger who went on fellowship to Germany and Italy and has an international take on urban policy and transportation.

Green and Sustainable Living

An increasingly popular segment of urban policy is concerned with green practices. Sustainable living is becoming a big thing in the realm of urban policy, and these bloggers share their thoughts and ideas on the subject.

  1. Seeking Ecopolis: Brain Ray James blogs about sustainable living and sustainable city planning. An interesting look at how we can be a greener society.
  2. Carbusters: Efforts to create greener living by living without cars. The bloggers here are active in sharing urban planning ideas that reduce the need for cars.
  3. 100K House: Bloggers at 100K House focus on affordable and green housing. An interesting and modern look at sustainability in urban landscapes.
  4. Kevin Stephens Design Group: Keven Stephens shares insights about urban policy and planning from a sustainability perspective.
  5. DJC Green Building Blog: Learn more about green building, particularly in the Seattle area, from Katie Zemsteff.
  6. Design & Architecture at Treehugger: The popular green living web site features bloggers devoted to sharing information about green design and sustainable living policy.
  7. Urban Planning at A Green Living: Bloggers here look at sustainable urban policy and planning.
  8. Jetson Green: Preston Koerner looks at trends in sustainable urban planning, and addresses issues related to urban policy.
  9. Inhabitat: These green bloggers look at green design, urban planning and considers issues related to green policy.
  10. Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture: Kelly Hart blogs about sustainable architecture and other issues related to global urban policy and planning.
  11. Green Building: Learn more about the latest in urban policy from a green perspective, as well as insights on green building, from the bloggers at Green Building.
  12. Materialicious: A look at green design that can be accomplished. An interesting look at materials that could make urban planning and policy more green.

Poverty and Homelessness

Another aspect of urban policy deals with poverty and homelessness. These scourges can affect life in our cities, and the policies that are aimed at addressing the problems of poverty and homelessness are important. Learn from these bloggers a little more about the poverty aspects of urban policy.

  1. Poverty & Policy: Kathryn Baer offers a look at urban policy as it relates to poverty.
  2. End Homelessness: Bloggers for write about homelessness and urban policy.
  3. Picture the Homeless: This blogger looks at urban policy issues related to the homeless.
  4. Defeat Poverty: A look at poverty and urban policy around the world.
  5. The Global Poverty Project: These bloggers offer insight into global poverty, and how it relates to urban policy.
  6. Poverty Law: Blogger and professor Ezra Rosser addresses issues of urban policy as they relate to policy and politics.

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