If you are interested in an exciting job serving public interests, you might want to get involved in public administration. You can be involved in making policy decisions that affect others, as well as offer and help and advice. You serve the public, and you can provide a way for members of the public to interact with government. If you are interested in getting a public administration degree, or if you are already a public servant, it can help to share your thoughts with other people who understand your position. Additionally, you can get insight and ideas of what to do next. Here are 40 forums and messages boards covering such subjects as school, work and job hunting:

Public Administration Professionals

Visit these message boards and forums for information and insight on being a professional. Make useful contacts and engage in networking.

  1. United Nations Public Administration Network: The U.N. offers a great network meant to help public administration professionals. A great resource.
  2. GovFresh: Join the conversation with a number of public administration professionals. Get ideas and share your own.
  3. GovLoop: A wonderful place for public administration professionals. Make connections with others, and stay in the loop when it comes to public policy.
  4. Civil Service Live: Join the conversation related to civil service and working in public administration.
  5. National Forum for Black Public Administrators: Connect with other public administrators, get help with professional development, and learn about forums and conferences.
  6. proud2serve.net: This is a great place for British civil servants in the military to congregate. Others from around the world can also visit these forums for information and support.
  7. CSS Forum: The Civil Service of Pakistan offers a great look at public administration, and the opportunity to connect with others from around the world.
  8. Public Administration Theory Network: Learn more about different theories of public administration, and find out what you can do to be a better professional.
  9. Public Administration Chat Room: A great place to go for chat about working in public administration from the University of New Mexico.
  10. CarmelResident.org Message Board: A great way to get some perspective on local public administration.
  11. PrisonOfficer: These forums and message boards are aimed at providing support and ideas for those involved with working in the prison system.
  12. The Manager’s Electronic Resource Center: This is a great resource for those involved with health administration. Connect with other professionals, and share your ideas.
  13. Workforce Management Community Center: If you are involved with hiring as part of your public administration duties, this can be a very helpful community to participate in. Includes information on training, HR and more.
  14. NRHA: Join discussions from the National Rural Health Association. A great resource for public health administrators in rural areas.
  15. Discussion Groups at IPMA-HR: You can connect with professionals around the world with discussion groups devoted to management, including in public administration.

Public Administration Students

If you are a student, these forums and message boards can answer some of your questions. Some of these forums are aimed at students in general, but also feature threads related to public administration. Find study tips and forge lasting relationships.

  1. John F. Kennedy School of Government: Learn more about public administration and find information on education from this Harvard school.
  2. Grad School Forum: A great resource for students in general. Also includes threads on public administration degree programs.
  3. The GradCafe Forums: Graduate students can discuss different issues, including those related to public administration and public policy.
  4. QLC Forums: A great place for young professionals. Discuss a number of topics, including some on public administration and public policy.
  5. Professional & Graduate School: This helpful forum from College Confidential can help you learn more about different degree programs, ask questions, and learn more about public administration schooling.
  6. Campus Hook Forums: Connect with other students, get good tips for studying, and start discussions about public administration.
  7. AdmissionBoards.com: Get help learning about what you need for grad school, and find information about different schools and information about different degree programs.
  8. International Student Forum: A great place to congregate for students from around the world. Helpful on a number of levels.
  9. The Straight Dope: Student questions, public policy discussions and more can be found on this helpful site. Includes a great discussion thread on the 2010 election.
  10. Gradlife Forum: If you are a student at UC Merced, this a great forum to check out. Find out what you need to know about being a graduate student.
  11. Rackham Graduate Student Forum: If you are interested in attending graduate school at the University of Michigan, including pursuing a public administration degree, this can be a great forum.

Public Administration Jobs

These forums and message boards can help you find a job in public administration. Great places to go if you want to advance your career as a civil servant.

  1. USAJOBS: Looking for a government job? This is one of the best job search sites for those looking for a career in public administration.
  2. GOVJOBS: A web site that can help you find a job with the government.
  3. Government Jobs: Look for jobs in a variety of states and the federal government.
  4. PublicServiceCareers.org: A great look at different public service jobs, information about different careers, and cool spotlights.
  5. epsoforum.com: If you are interested in working for the European Union as a public administrator, this is a great place to start. Job openings and career help.
  6. Indeed.com: This is a great place to go to find all sorts of jobs, including public administration jobs. Some great jobs from city manager to public administration intern.
  7. APCO Job Board and Recruiter Services: Find service jobs and other international jobs, many of them related to public administration and public policy positions.
  8. AdminCrossing: This is a fee-based board that can help you find jobs and information about different aspects of public administration.
  9. PublicHealthJobs.net: If you are interested in learning more about public health aspects of public administration, and if you want a job in public health, this is a great board to visit.
  10. Administration Jobs: Find different jobs in administration, including public administration. Includes articles and more related to career help for administration professionals.
  11. SimplyHired: Use this popular site to find public administration jobs across the country.
  12. Jobs in Public Service & Administration: The Riley Guide offers some interesting jobs, information and career help related to public administration.
  13. Government Jobs on CareerBuilder.com: A great resource for finding government jobs.
  14. Public Administration Jobs: Monster.com offers a listing of public administration and government jobs.

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