There are a number of interesting career paths you can choose with a masters degree in public administration. Helping to run a city is one of the things you can do. When you are involved in running a city, you might be involved with policy, and even in planning where different buildings might go and where services might be located. Public administration requires an interest in how city, state and federal processes work. It helps to know how to work with people, and it can also help to know how people interact with their environment. You can get a little practice with this by playing online games related to city planning. Here are 10 web and Facebook games that let you pretend to be a city planner:

  1. My City Life: This great Facebook application allows you to begin your own city. Your job is to work toward creating the best city possible. This includes building homes for citizens, as well as creating things for them to do. Plan out where office buildings should go, and make room for parks, museums and gardens. You can also build entertainment and sports venues. You also need to create policies to help manage crime and reduce pollution. A fun way to see if you can build the kind of great city that is so illusive in real life.
  2. My Town: Another great Facebook application, My Town is a fun game that you can play in order to build your own city. You can use decorations and buildings to create a city that has its own bustling economy. You can collect revenues and unlock more features as you progress. Your friends can also enjoy your town, exploring what you have. In turn, you can visit their towns as well. It’s a great way learn the basics of city planning, and enjoy building a town anyone would be proud to live in.
  3. City of Wonder: Are you interested in being a city planner in ancient Rome? How about being a Stone Age city planner? A fun game that lets you choose your historical period, from Classical to Medieval, you can build an amazing city right from your dreams. It is even possible to create a city from the Modern age. So you can build something in the now if you want. Get your city game on, and share your results with your friends on Facebook. A fun way to kill a couple hours.
  4. Social City: Do you want to be an awesome mayor in an awesome city? You have your chance when you play Social City. This cool game allows you to build your own city, with all the the things you like. From restaurants to amusement parks to skyscrapers, you can create a virtual city that your citizens will love. The animation is fun to see, and you can watch your city grow. Plan where everything goes, and work at being the kind of city planner others aspire to be.
  5. Nightclub City: If you want to build a happening, hopping place, you can create your own nightclub. You can add your own nightclub to the city, planning an awesome place to hang out. You can learn how to attract people to your nightclub with a little help from celebrities. You can also learn about kicking people out of your nightclub if they don’t follow the rules. A nightclub is kind of a microcosm of a city, and you can hone your skills using this fun Facebook game.
  6. Urban Plans: This cool game allows you to build a city from scratch. You start out with a certain amount of money, and then you work to create a viable city. Add services, such as water treatment plants and electric plans. Add a police force and fire stations. Build homes and connect them to the grid. You can even add a seaport if you want. Blocks are divided up, and you need to figure out the best places for different buildings. Try and attract the most people to your city. A cool way to pass a few hours.
  7. City: LEGOs are cool. There is no doubt about that. So it follows that LEGO games must be cool. And this awesome city building game is just one example of a cool LEGO game. Indeed, you can plan a city with all the services you need using LEGO figures online. Use cranes to build tall buildings. Make sure your city has all the essential services, from health services to fire services. This great city planning game is proof that you are never too old to play with LEGOs.
  8. MyMiniCity: If you want to play a cool game about city building, you can play this web game. You start out by choosing what country you want your city in, and then watch your city grow. Pick a name for your city, and provide it with the basics, mainly by following directions. First, you have to get people to visit your city in order to increase the population and increase industry and security. It takes some time to build the city up, but it happens casually as you share with your friends. Find other cities, and see where you rank overall.
  9. City Creator: You can create a city using a simple drag and drop method. Build roads and buildings. You can also add sky walks, and green spaces. You can build a modern town, or a Medieval city. It is also possible to create a Christmas wonderland with a snow city. When you use the city creator, you can start with a template, and then go from there. It’s really easy to arrange your city — or to demolish part of it if you are no longer satisfied. A simple way to try out your ideas.
  10. Cityscape: Create your own city, including schools, hospitals, roads, utilities and more. You want to provide your citizens with a good place to live, and you can do that with this game. Send explorers out to find mines so that your city has a source of revenue. You can also hire surveyors to help you plan your infrastructure. An addictive game that can lead to the hours flying by.

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