Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Scholarships and Grants

Getting your master’s degree in public administration allows you to qualify for higher-paying jobs within your respective field. However, the cost of education is so high that some students never go back to school, as they are worried about being able to make ends meet while paying high tuition bills. Financial aid for students is one of the best ways to alleviate the financial stress as you attend an MPA program. There are both scholarships and grants open to students in this field.

Scholarships are often called fellowships at the master’s degree level, but the concept is the same – you’re given money toward your tuition because you possess talents and ambition for your field of study. Many fellowships require you to work as a research assistant or teaching assistant while going to school, but some are simply funds set up to provide the top students with free money for college. Grants, on the other hand, are typically connected to financial need, and some grants are specific to research projects or thesis papers you complete while a part of an MPA program.

Scholarships and grants are available through a variety of sources. First, you should start by checking with the financial aid office at your college. Most schools offer scholarships an grants directly to their students, providing the top students with money that covers large chunks of a tuition bill. Once you reach the master’s degree level, funds available from colleges are often highly competitive, so make sure you follow submission rules and do all you can to raise your GPA and GRE scores if possible.

MPA scholarships and grants are also available through government resources. As a master’s degree student, you’ll no longer be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant, but other sources of money are available for students in all fields. is a great website to start your search for government financial aid.

At this website, you can also find private financial aid, which is available through many different organizations and companies. Opportunities change from year to year, according to funding availability, but some of the places that have offered scholarships or grants to MPA students in the past have included the World Health Organization, the Public Administration Student Organization, and the Special Olympics.

Don’t forget that you can also apply for scholarships and grants that are available outside of the public administration field. Many organizations have funds for students that are available regardless of your field of student. While these scholarships and grants do tend to be extremely competitive, they provide options for financial aid even if you don’t qualify for other MPA scholarships and grants.

Also, if you chose to start your career before going to school for your master’s degree, you can check with your employer about funds available through tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance programs. Tuition funds through your employer are slightly different than scholarship and grant programs. With these types of programs, you’ll receive money for advanced education simply because you agree to continue working for the company. Employers want workers with the best skills possible, so many are happy to help pay for the cost of your advanced education.

Top Master of Public Administration Degrees

Working your way toward a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree will open doors to careers in several sectors of public service, including nonprofit management, public policy, healthcare policy, education policy, criminal justice, public personnel management, and more. Below, we have ranked the top accredited universities that offer online MPA degrees.

George Washington University
Master of Political Management
George Washington University › George Washington University offers a Masters of Political Management for students who want a practical approach to their education with classes they can apply to their careers immediately upon graduation. Positions that are obtainable with an MPM remain in demand despite the current economical climate and students can complete this degree in under two years.
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University of Southern California
Master of Public Administration
University of Southern California › While University of Southern California boasts a beautiful campus, its online programs are accessible to anyone across the country – right from their home computer. Its online Masters in Public Administration program can be completed in under two years and does not require special software in order to work on and turn in assignments, making it fast, convenient, and most importantly affordable.
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Walden University
Master of Public Administration
MPA - Law & Public Policy
MPA - Nonprofit Management
MPA - Health Policy
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Walden University › At Walden University's MPA program, students have the option of specializing in Law & Public Policy, Homeland Security Policy, Policy Analysis, Local Government Management, Interdisciplinary Policy Studies, Nonprofit Management, or Health Policy. Graduates not only are prepared to transform public policies into effective programs through research and practical coursework, they also understand the basics of good management and leadership metrics to prepare them for organizing teams and nurturing talent.
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Kaplan University
Master of Public Administration
Kaplan University › Kaplan University's Master of Public Administration program prepares graduates to succeed in the public service sector. Students study the evaluation and implementation of public policy while incorporating training in ethics, budgeting, strategic planning, and research. Graduates succeed in a variety of fields, from government to non-profit.
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