Top 40 Forums & Message Boards for Public Administration Officials

If you are interested in an exciting job serving public interests, you might want to get involved in public administration. You can be involved in making policy decisions that affect others, as well as offer and help and advice. You serve the public, and you can provide a way for members of the public to interact with government. If you are interested in getting a public administration degree, or if you are already a public servant, it can help to share your thoughts with other people who understand your position. Additionally, you can get insight and ideas of what to do next. Here are 40 forums and messages boards covering such subjects as school, work and job hunting: (more…)

There are a number of interesting career paths you can choose with a masters degree in public administration. Helping to run a city is one of the things you can do. When you are involved in running a city, you might be involved with policy, and even in planning where different buildings might go and where services might be located. Public administration requires an interest in how city, state and federal processes work. It helps to know how to work with people, and it can also help to know how people interact with their environment. You can get a little practice with this by playing online games related to city planning. Here are 10 web and Facebook games that let you pretend to be a city planner:

Top 50 Urban Policy Wonk Bloggers

Public administration is an interesting field, filled with a number of opportunities and challenges. Among those challenges is making urban policy. The way we live in our cities, how they are planned, and how the people are taken care of are all things that go along with a job in public administration. If you are interested in urban policy, and learning more about what goes into it, here are 50 bloggers that can provide insight, and help you create urban planning success:


Top 20 Urban Planning Successes of All Time

Planning a great yet functional urban area takes innovation as well as knowledge. The following top 20 urban planning successes of all time range from the Taos Pueblo to the current functionality presented by Camden Town, London. In between, you’ll discover plenty of examples of urban planning that stood the test of time or that successfully remedied the ravages of time. (more…)

11 Surprising Celebrities With Masters Degrees

We are used to thinking of celebrities as pretty faces, without much formal schooling. We might even feel better, thinking that celebs “just” act, and that a masters degree is out of reach for them. However, there are plenty of smart celebrities — even if they don’t have the degree to prove it. There, are, though, some celebrities that completed advanced degrees. And, even though some of them could probably have gotten scholarships, these celebs probably had enough money to pay tuition out of pocket. Here are 11 celebrities with masters degrees:


6 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts to Stay Politically Informed

Twitter that has developed itself into a leading social networking and microblogging service let its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Due to its popularity, profile and people from different areas and sectors have joined it. Below the twitter account of people from the field political science has been discussed in detail.

  1. Politico: The Twitter account of Politico represents Politico, an American political journalism organization situated in Arlington, Virginia, that distributes its content through television, the Internet, newspaper, and radio.  . It was a sponsor of the 2008 Republican Presidential candidates’ debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on May 3, 2007, and the 2008 Democratic Presidential candidates’ debate at the Kodak Theater on January 31, 2008.
  2. NPR Politics:  It is an internationally renowned producer and distributor of noncommercial news, talk, and entertainment programming. Its ownership is private and it is a non profit organization. It produces and distribute program to an audience that are about 26.4 million listeners weekly. NPR operates around 784 stations and other 117 public radio stations. Thus NPR offers hourly newscasts, special features and ten years of archived audio and information.
  3. George Stephanopoulos: He is a Good Morning America Anchor and ABC News Chief Political Correspondent. ABC News is the news gathering and broadcasting branch of American broadcast television network ABC, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. ABC started its radio as an independent company in 1943.
  4. John Dickerson: He is a political correspondent of Slate magazine and an Analyst of CBS News. Slate a daily magazine on the web founded in 1996. It presents a general interest commentary about politics, news, business, technology, and culture. It has received National Magazine Award for General Excellence Online. It is free site sustain on ad revenues. I
  5. Financial Times: This Twitter account is for world business, finance and political news from Financial Times.  Financial Times is recognized globally as an institute for authority, integrity and accuracy in news. It provides extensive news, internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy.  Newspaper is printed at 23 print sites across the globe and has a daily circulation of 390,203 subscriptions.
  6. Laura Kuenssberg: She is a Chief Political Correspondent for the BBC News Channel. BBC News is the department of the BBC responsible for gathering and broadcasting of news of current affairs. BBC is the world’s largest news broadcaster organization and it generates 120 hours of radio and television news daily. It has 44 foreign bureaus and correspondent in about 240 countries of the world.

8 Great Web Sites to Find Any Public Information

As according to common prevailing definition, a Public Information can be understood from the information prepared, owned, used or retained by a state agency that is not specifically exempted from the disclosure requirements of the California Public Records Act or other applicable state or federal laws. With stated according to above describe norms below are given some good websites on Public Information.

  1. Public Record Finder: This website is allocated to provide access to thousands of state, national and worldwide public records website that gives information to a person absolutely without any cost. This website has tens of thousands links to public records. And here new links are added regularly thus website is updated regularly.
  2. Great Schools: Located in San Francisco, GreatSchool operates local programs in Washington, D.C, Milwaukee, WI and Newark, NJ. It publishes annual School Chooser guides and distributes them at thousands of parents without any cost. These guide help parents to have informed choice about where to send their children to school. Great Schools is the country’s leading source of information on school performance.
  3. US Census Bureau: It works as the leading source of quality data about US citizens and economy. This is the organization that pays respect to privacy, it protects confidentiality, share its expertise globally and carry and conduct about the work openly. It provides data on population and census, economic census, census of governments, American community survey and many other surveys that are both demographic as well as economic.
  4. The Office of Public Sector Information: As running from the National Archives, the Office of Public Sector Information is core of information policy, setting standards, delivering access and encouraging the re-use of public sector information. OPSI gives wide range of services to the public, information industry, government and the wider public sector relating to finding, using, sharing and trading information.
  5. Citizen’s information: It is an eGovernment website that is developed and is maintained by the Citizens Information Board. It is a statutory body that provide information  advice and advocacy on a broad range of public and social services topic. The website is also aimed at people who are unemployed or facing an unemployment situation.
  6. It is UK government’s digital service for people in England and Wales. It delivers information and practical advice about public services; bring all of them together at a place. One can have straight access to Directgov on the web, mobile phone or on a television. It helps a person in finding  ample amount of information like booking a driving test, searching a job, paying road tax and similar other services.
  7. Censusfinder: Census records are found for genealogy research and many a times are transcribed online. Many a time censuses records are transcribed online. Getting free census records online give a massive challenge to any person and at Censusfinder you can have census transcriptions, census index and census images in categorized directory.
  8. National Sex Offender Website: The Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website is coordinated by the US Department of Justice is a cooperative effort between the Jurisdictions having public sex offender registries and the federal government. The Website is a search tool and helps a user to submit a single national query as to get information about sex offenders through number of search options like name, jurisdiction, zip code, by county and by if provided by jurisdiction.

Online Masters In Public Administration

Public administration is the development, implementation and study of branches of government policy. Masters course in public administration helps public administrators or public servants to improve on their knowledge and skills in data analysis, budget monitoring, draft legislation, policy development and better execution of legal government activities. Public administrators work in government and agencies departments and this course helps them to become better public administrators of public goods.

Masters in public administration is available online and any one who is interested and has the qualifications needed, can study for it while working. There are universities and other institutions of learning that give public administrators the opportunity to increase their knowledge in this field. This course helps those who want to work in non profit organizations, government and international organizations. There are other organizations that you can work for like environment, education and health. It does not limit you to only government job opportunities. The online master’s course helps those who have busy working schedule who cannot find time to attend the on campus program. This helps you to keep your carrier track instead of having to ask for study leave.

This course helps in building and nurturing individuals into the managerial positions a job that require excellent administrative and organization skills that can only be acquired by having a masters degree. This helps promote professional competence in the dynamic era that requires managers who have more than just the basic knowledge one can get from a lower level than a masters. If you have this master’s in public administration then you are able to embrace quality and diversify in the organization culture of the government and other international organizations. This course prepares managers with the conceptual overview of modern theory and practice key to management responsibility, integrate formal academic learning with business related experiences that give meaningful learning and result achievement and experience self improvement and professional growth.

The masters course in public administration prepares you for a leadership role in public organizations by offering the theoretical and application knowledge that emphasize areas of political institutions. It offers the concepts and skills of analysis and technique responsible for success in the managerial position.

The online course is delivered to learners through interactive-based learning applications such as videos, podcast. The tuition for online masters in public administration is slightly lower than on campus masters. Decision making that goes along result orientation for successful governance cannot be found within any one in the management position. The best way to ensure you get this upper hand knowledge and skills that will improve your experience for prospective employers is finding time within your busy work schedule to have an online masters in public administration.

Some of the universities that offer the online masters in a public administration are Wales university, California hill university, university of north Carolina, north central university, Ashford university, Strayer university, Keller graduate school of management, university of Nebraska at Omaha school of public administration.